Company Profile
Who are we
Beijing One-A Hi-tech Energy Technology Co., Ltd., a sino-foreign joint venture high-tech company which is committed to the research and development in the field of energy environment 
is registered in TusPark in Sep. 2012.     
 Through in-depth cooperation with the Tsinghua University, we possess the latest research and development information shared by the Tsinghua University, and invest for industry transformation. We cooperate with the Tsinghua University to develop new technologies, new products, introduce domestic and international latest concepts into the company through the platform of the Tsinghua University, and integrate into the enterprise organism. We have a R&D team from the Tsinghua University as a powerful technical support and a steady source of new technology.                
What can we do
Our technology and products involved in circulating fluidized bed heat conduction oil furnace; circulating fluidized bed hot blast furnace; inside and outside double circulating fluidized bed destructor; molten salt furnace; solar-thermal power generation technology and equipment; biomass boiler, inclusive of layer burning boilers, grate furnace, and etc..
Parts of our patents are as below:
·         A heat transfer oil boiler for burning biomass (Patent no.: ZL 201420040758.3)
·         An indirect heat transfer layer burning hot air generator device (Patent No.: ZL 201420040771.9)
·         A solar waste-heat utilization device (Patent No.: ZL 201420039846.1)
·         A circulating bed organic heat carrier boiler based on cogeneration of hot oil and water vapor (Apply for with the Tsinghua University, Patent Application No.: 201310116093.X)
·         A device for obtaining superheated steam from high temperature and high pressure gas (Apply for with the Tsinghua University, Patent Application No.: 201310308866.4)
·         A device for heat exchange with high temperature and high pressure gas (Apply for with the Tsinghua University, Patent Application No.: 201310308981.1)
Our goal is to create two or three core technologies, and creates a unique technology system composed of 20-30 invention patents and PCT.
How can we do
Our business model including EP(Engineer-Procure), EPC(Engineer-Procure-Construct), BOT(Build-Operate-Transfer), BOO(Build-Own -Operate), and technical consulting.
Our mainly performance:
1.    Developed the current world's most efficient solar-thermal power generation technology, and built the demonstration project with Israeli company Heliofocus.
2.    Provided the coal-fired circulating fluidized bed heat conduction oil furnace for the Taiwanese famous company - Universal Cement Corporation. The emission standard of the  furnace is designed as gas-fired boiler, the combustion efficiency is designed as large-capacity boiler, so, the furnace is the first coal-fired circulating fluidized bed heat conduction oil furnace of the world with high efficiency and low pollution.
3.     Provided the waste biomass fired heat and power cogeneration system for the Taiwanese energy services company, and it’s an authentic energy project with emission standard as the waste incineration boiler.
4.    Designed the thin stillage fired power generating boiler for the alcohol production enterprise in Guangxi Province.
5.    Designed the bark fired power generating boiler for Thailand's enterprise.
Our customers
We are still young, but we have undertaken the multiple projects from the Mainland, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, our turnover in 2015 has exceeded 50 million Chinese yuan.